There are two areas to deal with around the mouth area.

Two of the most common problems that occur around the mouth area, are the fine lines (feather lines) that run directly out from the top and bottom lip, and deep smile lines (marionette lines) which form at either side of the mouth.

Treatment 1

Feather Lines - Feather lines are easily treated by Dr Bakaric by the use of very fine Injectable Dermal Filler, which plumps the skin, filling in the fine static lines to leave a smooth finish around the mouth.
Cost: On average, injectable dermal filler treatments cost A$300.


Treatment 2

Marionette Lines - Marionette lines are treated in two steps to leave a smooth appearance. A muscle relaxant to ease excessive wrinkle forming movement and dermal filler to raise deep static lines creating a smooth finish.
: Combination treatments start at A$550.