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Spider veins & deep facial veins, pigmentation and sun damage, surgical scar reduction, wrinkle correction, acne treatment, stretch mark reduction, permanent hair reduction

Spider veins & deep facial veins

nd Yag laser is ideal for targeting deep blood vessels like those found in leg veins (spider veins), for the treatment of deep surface veins on the face and body, cherry angioma and venous lake. 1-2 treatments are usually required.

Pigmentation and sun damage

Sun damage, acne, hormones and an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to uneven, blotchy and dirty looking complexion. Also treats freckles, broken capillaries, diffuses redness and rosacia while stimulating collagen.

Surgical scar reduction

Unfortunately surgery can sometimes leave unsightly thickened and keloid scarring. reduce and smooth the appearance with palomar fractional laser treatment. Up to 4 treatments is usually recommended.

Wrinkle Correction

Reduce unwanted lines on your face including around your eyes and mouth, plump up your skin to reveal tighter, healthier looking skin. Significant cosmetic changes with minimal down time. With part areas starting from as little as $150.

Gentle resurfacing

Do it in your lunch break and return to work! Its simple and affordable. Even skin tone, brighten and smooth fine lines. This treatment is ideal for younger skin to be used as a preventative treatment or on mature skin for a corrective treatment.

Acne Treatment

A non-invasive solution to deliver rapid, reliable scar removal with less pain and minimal down time. Healing time is minimal and depending on the severity of the scarring. 3-6 treatments are recommended.

Permanent hair reduction

High energy pulses of light are used to remove unwanted hair and eliminate unsightly ingrown hairs and scarring. a contact cooling tip ensures patient comfort and safety. clients usually see signficant results after only 1 treatment, however 5-8 treatments are usually recommended.

Stretch mark reduction

This procedure is a non ablative cosmetic treatment that will eliminate the appearance of skin wrinkling, stretch marks and scarring. It stimulates collagen and elastic fibres resulting in the formation of new tissue for a restored appearance. 4-6 treatments are usually required.