The forehead is one of the most dynamic and expressive areas on our face.

We use the muscles in our forehead to create hundreds of expressions everyday. These repeated facial expressions (or muscle movements) eventually cause the skin to fold and wrinkle, resulting in horizontal lines running across our forehead and vertical lines between our brow. As we age, these lines (frown or worry lines) are quite often very prominent.

Treatment 1

Injectable Muscle Relaxants - The optimum solution is the use of an Injectable Muscle Relaxant, which works to minimise muscle movement in the forehead, which results in the smoothing away of lines across the forehead and between the brows. As little as 2-3 treatments a year are required.
Cost: On average, injectable muscle relaxant treatments cost A$350.


Treatment 2

Injectable Dermal Fillers - For deeper lines which are visible when the face is at rest (static lines), the Injectable Muscle Relaxant can be supplemented with an Injectable Dermal Filler. The Dermal Filler plumps the skin, filling in static forehead creases to create a fresh youthful appearance.
: Injectable Dermal Filler treatments start at A$350.