The eye area is one of the most dynamic and expressive areas on our face.

The constant movement and pulling of expressions with our eyes (which happens hundreds of times a day!), commonly leads to the creation of what is known as "crows' feet" around the corners of our eyes. The hazards of modern day life, especially long hours spent squinting at computer screens or time spent in the bright Australian sun, only adds to the problem.

Treatment 1

Injectable Muscle Relaxants - Crows' feet can be quickly, easily and effectively treated with Injectable Muscle Relaxants - with a single treatment lasting between three and five months. The treatment itself is generally over in fifteen minutes, and does not require recovery time. In fact, many of our clients pop in during their lunch break, returning to work straight away.
Cost: On average, injectable muscle relaxant treatments cost A$350.


Treatment 2

Injectable Dermal Fillers - In some cases, repeated movement around the eye area will have caused deep static lines to have formed (lines visible when the face is at rest), in these cases the Injectable Muscle Relaxant treatment is supplemented with a very light Injectable Dermal Filler which plumps the skin erasing deep lines, resulting in a perfect smoothness around the eye area.
: Injectable Dermal Filler treatments start at A$350.